Who we are

Once upon a time, while working for a retailer, Pinney Friedman delved into the world of digital marketing. He soon learned he could do a better job than the “expert” he had hired. He had found his passion.

Pinney then started Pin Media, a marketing company that specialized in digital ads, social media, SEO and email marketing. He made sure that his core values of trustworthiness, honesty, and fairness were reflected in the company and that made people trust him and his employees.

Fast-forward to today, and Pin Media now specializes in digital ads for Google, Facebook, and YouTube. It’s our focus because it’s where we really, really shine.

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What we do

Google ad? FaceBook ad? Do you know where you should be investing? Rest assured that we know. Whether it’s Google, FaceBook, YouTube or a combination, we understand the platform and how to make it work best for your product or service.

Our Google ads make sure that your brand gets noticed by customers already searching for your product or service. With our FaceBook ads, we target customers whose online behavior indicates they would be ideal customers for your brand.

You end up with increased visibility, new customers and greater revenue.

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